Hello, I am Young-ho Lee. I just ended 9 years of progaming. Nice to meet you.

Q#1 How have you been Lee? I’ve been doing few interviews and met with people who I haven’t seen in a while. I slept well, packed up all my stuff and it back home. When I was a progamer, I rarely drank. Maybe once in a month or so. Nowadays, I’ve been meeting many people so I drank almost everyday.

Q#2 Lee’s Retirement Announcement It’s my style and my personality which I think of leaving when I’m at the top of the mountain. Well, I’m only twenty-four and I have to go to the military soon. At this point, I should start challenging for something else to achieve greatness in another field. So I thought about working in another field and decided to retire. Q#3 Reasons for Retirement/Feelings after. Around May this year, I’ve already made the decision.

Not a reason for retirement, but I’ve lost many matches in a row. For the last nine years, I’ve never lost this much before. Normally, I would be thinking, “okay let’s try one more time”. but, I had a tough May which gave me some time to think. It was unfortunate but I felt relieved. Best of all, I leave no regrets from the last nine years of progaming.

I think I did a good job by retiring. It’s unfortunate, but there is future ahead so I think bittersweet feeling is exactly how I feel right now. Q#4 Some of the Best Moments for Lee I’d say the first Championship title.

During the first Championship, I didn’t know that I’d be winning and I just tried to play the game well without thinking much. Through Semifinals and finals, the opponent was Byung-woo Son. He was of course an excellent player, but the luck favored me much more. I changed the strategies 2-3hours before the finals and it’s not easy to win with those strategies in pro games. I got lucky and If I remember correctly, the event was held at GwangJu.

The reason why I can still remember it is because the date of Finals was March 15th which is also the date of my debut. So I became the champion in exactly one year and that’s a moment that I remember the most. Q#5 Biggest Rival team SKT T1 Whenever I met SKT T1 in the Finals, my heart pounded so much. I don’t think I’ll ever feel that again.

When I played at GwangAn, there were so many fans and I don’t think I’ll be able to play well again. Back then, I don’t remember what I was so happy about but when I won it was so thrilling and great. I don’t know why I did it but I just enjoyed it. After winning we would all go out for barbecue. and that’s all there was too it, but I liked it. Q#6 Do you have any plans on streaming?

I’m currently having discussions with many streaming services, but I think it’s too early for now. For now, I told them I will be resting for a month. During the month, I think I’ll have a retirement ceremony. I don’t know where it will take place so… I will be resting with my family and friends for the last month of the year. Then, I will be choosing what to do later on.

Q#7 There was a News about you challenging LoL. I think there’s a bit of miscommunication. I said that I’m open to all kinds of possibilities. I do like League of Legends. It’s fun and I play from time to time. If I would get into it, I have to try my best and that required determination.

so i won’t say that I’m not going to play LoL, but as I said, I’m open to all possibilities. I usually go Jungle or Mid. Used to play Top but as I go up in tier, I’m trying many things. I’m in Diamond tier.

It’s just for fun when I have time maybe few games on a resting day. I’ve been playing for a long time. It wasn’t a rapid growth. Q#8 Your Happiest Memories as a Pro-gamer.

I think I was happy everytime I won a game. Honestly, I always think that I chose well to become a Pro-gamer. During the first three years, I went through rough games rather than enjoying playing the game. I was crazed about the result of the game.

Ever since I put that all down and started to enjoy playing, I won so many times. It was because I was thankful. I thanked Starcraft and I still truly thank Starcraft. Of course when I lost, I was angry at myself several times, but I was always happy. Q#9 Any hints to your fans?

Hints? Q#9 Any hints to your fans? All I can say is that.. I promised my fans that I will never let go from my keyboard&mouse. Of course you would have to wait until next year for any news, but I will never let go of my keyboard&mouse.

Until now, I have received so much love. As I received to much, I am thinking of how I could give it back to my fans. For that, I will try my best.

I am on a short break from my keyboard&mouse, but I will be back soon with my keyboard&mouse to show my fans another side of me. Thank you for loving me until now and I will do my best to keep my good looks by making right decisions. Thank you very much.