There’s a huge variety of slot machines in online casinos, so you should look around to see which ones you like. In general, though, you are aiming for winning combinations when you play slots—individual games will have individual characteristics.

Here’s a general rundown of how to play slot machines in online casino:

  1. Click “Insert Money” to begin playing.
  2. Place your bet by choosing credits in the denominations offered. You can usually adjust your bet on the left side of the slot machine.
  3. View your balance in the slot machine’s credit box.
  4. You can bet the maximum limit by clicking on “Bet Max.”
  5. If you don’t want to bet the maximum, you can click on “Bet One” for individual credits.
  6. If you hit a winning combination, you can see your payout on the Payout Table. To check and see how much you’ve won, click on the “Winner Paid” icon.
  7. It’s usually possible to switch machines while playing the same game. Check for a “Switch Machine” button if you want to try your luck somewhere else.