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After Four Experimental Moon Rockets Exploded. When Post Concussion Syndrome Forced Our Next Guest To Retire From Football In 1994 Research On Football Related Head Injuries Was Not A Priority.

Now In A New Book Merrill Hodge Argues The Actual Science To Justify Here To Explain Former Football Player And Author Of The New Book “Brainwashed: The Bad Science Between C.t.e. And The Plot To Destroy Football.”

Welcome. Now its possible to play online casinos using paypal casino nz account to withdraw your wins. It’s My Pleasure. You Know A Lot About Being On The Field And C.t.e. As Well. This Book Cuts Across The Brain That Everyone Assumes Footballs Got A Concussion Program. Yes This Is The Reason.

I’ve Played For A Long Time, Coached For A Long Time, But I’m Coming From Really A Dad’s Perspective. And There’s A Difference Between You Know, Protocols And Treatments Versus The C.t.e. Pattern That You’re Hearing About, And That’s One Thing We’ve Got To Clear Up Right Away. C.t.e. Is A Real Thing And I Have Been Across This Country Into Canada And Asked That Question, What Is It? And Every Trainer, Pathologist, They Look At Me And They’re Like “It’s A Pattern.

We Don’t Know What Causes It And We Don’t Know What It Causes.” So When I Hear That, I’m Like How Can The Great Minds In This World Say We’re In An Observation State, It’s A Pattern, But We Don’t Know What Causes It, But In The Media, I Will Guarantee You You Walk Around And People Have Heard That Word, What Are They Saying? Pete: Myself Included. They Think — Pete: Concussions, Football. Yes. That’s Why You’ve Got People Who Have The Pattern Of C.t.e.

Who Have Played Sports And In Spaces Never Played Sports, Never Been Part Of The Sports, Never Had Concussion, Never Had The Trauma Concussion, Never Had The Traum. Pete: Someone’s Ignoring The Science, You’re Saying? They’re Ignoring All Of The Science And How They’re Representing The Science Is The Real Problem. I’ve Seen The Headlines.

I Go To Experts And Say “Listen. When I See The Headline, I See, A, How Come — When I Read It It Says A, What Does The Science Paper Say.” That’s Why I Really Wrote The Book Is I Took All Of The Science Papers, I Had Them Explain What The Science Really Says Versus What We See In The Headlines. And It Was Amazing The Contradiction.

When You Read The Science Papers Once You Understood Them, And Then What We See In The Media. And I Thought It Was — I Come To This From A Parent’s Perspective Is If I’m A Parent And I Watch A Headline I Can Run Around Your Hair On Fire, Scared To Death For Your Kids.

But Then When I Read What The Science Really Said, I Thought Really It’s Important That Parents Had That Information, You Know, Even Former Players Or Current Players, It’d Be Nice To Know The Truth Of The Science On Then I Could Be More Empowered With The Information. Pete: That’s Exactly Right. You’ve Got A Lot Of Parents Out There That Want Their Kids To Play Football.

With Those Headlines, You Want To Know What The Science Really Says, As Opposed To Being Scared About It. Exactly. And One Thing We Do In The Book I Think Does A Really Good Job That We Don’t Do A Good Enough Job Is Let’s Parents Know The Protocols, The Treatments, The Therapies Are Out There, How We Practice, How Exciting Sports Are, All The Options In Football — Flag, Tackle, Flex, All Those Things Are Exciting Things For Sports.