Oh Dmitry Dmitry, why don’t you review more budget peripherals for gaming, always looking at something super, expensive and perhaps unaccessible so that changes today? And so what I haven’t found me are gaming, mice, that there are around $ 10- $ 15 dollars and the only two outliers are these guys, which around $ 20. I’M guessing is because of the fancy packaging on this one and the green body, and this one because it’s got a really good sensor, the PWM 3325. But I’m really excited to see if we can actually find a gem or two in this budget category. Let’S review right after this, the new master keys, MK 750 keyboard comes with a comfortable magnetic rest rest, beautiful RGB, light bar on the perimeter and perky lighting control, with a variety of Cherry MX switches and the bottom type-c connection.

Coolermaster doing it right check it out below the one surprising element that I didn’t think I would appreciate when I ordered these would be packaging. So I mean sure this one has no graphics on it whatsoever, just a simple box, but it’s recyclable, unlike the traditional style for gaming peripherals, is this which is more difficult to recycle. But of course it looks fancier you can see what’s inside, but this one is the other outlier. So it’s also a $ 20.00 Mouse, but a nice box with a sleeve of information. So I really like this approach. See these guys are stepping it up a bit with that rhombus graphic, but yeah I mean I appreciate that I can simply recycle this after use, but some of these translations on packaging is hilarious, for example, here it says aggravating piece of design.

I don’t thing they mean to say aggravating, maybe they meant to say like aggressive and gamer ish, but on the back check this out tail box, design, stable movement and accurate, positioned positioned. These guys definitely don’t know what they’re doing in terms of thought: passion for gaming II gross font, but then mouse where’s, the cohesion and your font designer this is hilarious. So this is one of the wireless mice that I received certified packaging frustration-free. This is hilarious.

I’Ve never seen a frustration-free packaging label, cool cool, and this one says it’s designed for office and gaming, so their priorities are both ways and yeah. I’M really excited to see if we can actually find like a gem or two in this collection. So, let’s unpackaging and start testing each of these. Now I realize the naming scheme for each of these mice is a bit ridiculous, so I’ve labeled them one to eight. So it’s easier for you guys to follow and if you want to purchase them, they’ll be linked in the description.

Okay, so out of the entire collection. These are my favorite shape wise number, one and three number one, not just because it’s green, but because the actual shape makes total sense. We have this beautiful thumb area where your thumb can sit comfortably. The right side is curved perfectly fine for your hand to stay there, there’s nothing poking, you, nothing, unnatural and the actual surface texture.

It is slightly rubberized for a more controlled grip, really lovely on number one number three, it kind of reminds me of a razer deathadder, which is a good thing. It’S like an iconic shape for our gaming mice, but this one has an optical sensor. So if you guys, like the death outer shape, definitely pick this one up, but here we have slightly textured top surface. So even if you have a slightly sweaty hands, you’ll be fine with this one.

However, the side grips a little bit kind of glossy and slippery. Despite having this sort of like texture on stuff, I wish that the entire Mouse was coated with the same material as the top surface, where your buttons are moving on to number two four, five and seven. So these are like the slightly lower tier in terms of shape. I still like number. What is this number two, because it kind of reminds me of a deathadder 2, but the actual surface material is quite slippery. So if you have sweaty hands it feels like you.

Don’T have much control and just the mouse might slip out, and even though we have the same sort of texture on the sides, it’s still quite glossy glossy and plastic and has no grip support whatsoever for number four. This is an ambidextrous designed, but button layout is only for right-hand use and I don’t totally like him. That’S just bodies, but here I actually don’t mind it at all.

Nothing’S poking me, nice curvature on the body and really nice sort of like contoured buttons. So your fingers and everything just fits into place just fine from number five. This one is a bit wider and I can see where they’re trying to do, because I used to actually prefer wider mice because they would support my entire hand, but here the thumb area. For example.

It has this like cutouts, where the light LED comes through, but it’s very slippery. The plastic material is super cheap, while on the right side, where the contours for your fingers are are not angled properly. So you have to angle your hand instead for your fingers to fit there properly and your end up holding the mouse in the most unnatural way possible. So number five is not the worst, but it’s also you have to like have a particular claw style grip for this thing to fit and for number seven it is a symmetrical shape, which I don’t mind here and while it may look like something out of a Spaceship with all the plating and something being cooked up inside and the radioactive symbol on the body, the actual contours and everything like that is smoothed out. So the material choice is pretty good here and yeah, just like overall, very nice comfortable, I think, to hold and the last to number six and eight are kind of the worst in terms of the shape Department. So number six is actually the cheapest out of the bunch.

It’S only seven dollars and while it may not look like it’s seven dollars because of all the fancy lighting, the actual form of this Mouse is absolutely terrible. So not only is it not high enough, so it feels like you’re holding something super flat like this is probably Apple Magic, Mouse level, terrible, but the actual surface area is quite smooth, so there’s no way to grip the mouse perfectly fine. The thumb area is too curved, so there’s no way for your thumb to sit properly and just kind of escape that area, and while I appreciate them trying to make the mouse more comfortable with this additional thing on the on the right side, it’s just not properly Aligned to where you and normally would sit so you end up holding something that feels extremely uncomfortable, even for claw type grip now for number eight, due to its symmetrical design. The right side feels unnatural and even the left side, where your thumb should go.

The thumb buttons are way too low and that’s exactly where your thumb sits. So, overall, the height is good. The curvature of the top is good, but the right side is not the best.

Even for like a finger, claw type grip. Just your these fingers don’t know where to go and it feels unnatural all right. So, let’s begin with buttons and sensor so number one. This one is driverless and buttons are fantastic with nice. Tactile response great rebounds, the thumb buttons have the soft press with good travel amount, and this is one of the better scroll wheels, two out of the entire lineup, with an actually decent middle click too. It’S not too hard to press and the DPI button is behind it.

It’S discrete with three dpi levels and the brightness of that LED determines which one you’re on it is using an optical sensor, the pane 3509 and the liftoff distance is actually very low. So it’s not an issue. If you lift your mouse like I do, and so there is no tracking disturbance, while the Mouse’s, either in the air or when it’s coming down, there’s no weird behavior with flicks either. So the sensor is tracking everything perfectly and the body is well-balanced too.

You know it’s not like front heavy or back heavy, it’s just just fine and overall for 17 dollars. This is a fantastic Mouse out of the entire lineup, so we definitely recommend it alright. So moving on to number 2 and the primary left and right clicks are super nice, but the right-click body is kind of wobbly and loose.

So I’m not sure if we’ll like fall apart over time. These scroll steps are pretty good, but the middle click is kind of hard, so I won’t be using that the thumb buttons are okay, but the front thumb button is a little too much forward. So I have to readjust my grip in order to reach it and you can change the lighting effect with a button on the top, and we also have five dpi steps, which you can also change with a button behind the scroll wheel. It is using a PWM 3325 optical sensor, which can go as low as 100 dpi, although after 5000 dpi and you can change that in 100.

Dpi increments, which is amazing, the liftoff distance is super low, so performance is fantastic all across the board and for $ 17. I’M surprised that this is like a complete package in terms of like the shape in the buttons and like the form factor. However, it also comes with drivers which don’t suck, which you can change your your button layout. You can change the LED settings, we have a macro manager, so you can record macros on here and of course, configure your DPI settings that are all saved on the profile to the mouse. So that’s pretty incredible all for $ 17. This is awesome.

Moving on to number three, this one is driverless and I realize that I bought this on sale for $ 15, but it sells for 25 normally. So it’s a bit at the disadvantage compared to the rest of value eyes, but all the buttons on here are awesome. The scroll wheel is one of the best in the entire lineup, with a nice light, middle-click tube and the sights from your standard thumb keys. There’S also this fire key that acts as your left-click with two consistent clicks. So it’s actually quite awesome for csgo when you need to headshots to get a kill with like a pistol or something.

The sensor is an evaluate 50 optical with only 4 dpi steps in 1000 increments. So customization is not present, and you know I usually like to play it like 400, 800 dpi. So having a minimum of thousand is not a good thing.

For me, performance is great, though no spin outs and it’s easy to control, but the liftoff distance is quite high, so it’s not pleasant if you reposition the mouse a lot like I do so I would actually consider number 2 to be a little bit more superior Because the liftoff distance on that Mouse is much lower than number 3 moving on to number 4. The primary left and right clicks are good. The some buttons have nice feel and location. You can access them easily, the scroll wheel.

The steps are a little bit undefined and the scroll wheel also wobbles, which is not nice. We have 5 dpi levels, they change with the color and we have full driver support to with pulling weight adjustment, dpi settings and you can even record macros and the main crappy thing is the liftoff distance, which is way too high. For me, it’s almost like 1 centimeter causing lots of unwanted when it’s not necessary, but if you don’t lift the mouse a lot, the tracking is actually quite accurate and the glide is really smooth.

These glide feet are actually one the best in this collection. Also. This is the only Mouse without a braided cable, which is awesome. I love the light, rubberized cables, they don’t kink as easily and they don’t like catch and other things, whereas the rest of these mice all have some sort of braiding.

Moving on to number five, this one is driverless. Now the buttons are great and the scroll wheel is okay and we have five dpi steps, but even though they say it comes with an optical sensor, it is extremely jerky with precise aim, which is almost impossible and there seems to be also acceleration built in, and It spins out way too easily, so definitely a hard pass on this one. Moving on to number six, this one is driverless and remember: this is the seven dollar mouse, the cheapest out of the bunch. Now both the scroll wheel and something inside of it is rambling and wobbling, but the buttons are actually okay and we have four dpi steps and it has one good property. Precise aim at lower dpi is surprisingly fine for me.

So for casual games, it’s totally possible and if you have only seven dollars to spare in the mouse – and you like the graphic of this RGB thing on the top, this may be for you. However, the sensor cannot track anything fast and will spin out way too easy, plus it’s the only Mouse that has no Teflon feet at the bottom. Instead, the feet are just this regular plastic, like the rest of the body causing a somewhat harsh movement. Moving on to number seven, this one is driverless and it’s wireless with a built-in rechargeable battery, a cable for that is included.

Plus you need to connect this dongle for the operation to happen, so it is not Bluetooth enabled the light. Switch is easily accessible at the bottom, and I’ve already had to recharge it in the last few days. So battery life is pretty short, but you can just simply have the mouse on without the lights, to preserve the battery. The primary clicks are super weird, though, in that they’re really silent, and you cannot hear them whatsoever and have this very satisfying actuation texture.

So if you need the completely silent mount wireless mouse for either your laptop your desktop, if you’re doing anything at school and the one be distracting, this is actually a really good choice. The scroll wheel, toe is disappointing with really mocchi steps, but the thumb buttons are totally fine. Although they’re extremely loud in comparison to the primary clicks, we have three dpi levels and precise aim is kind of tricky, as the cursor has some jitter, plus it’s unable to track flicks and you would spin out easily but for standard desktop use and for notebooks and Some many casual games – it’s actually not terrible and for number eight. This one is also driverless and it’s wireless too, but it needs one double-a battery which, by the way is not included, which I found strange, but it has the same receiver pocket on the body. So you don’t lose the receiver, it goes to sleep after three minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life and they claimed twelve months of battery life, which I highly doubt the button mechanism is actually quite nice aside from the really loose scroll wheel, but the middle click Is light enough, there’s also a fire button near the thumb for the double-click and we have five dpi levels and slower tracking is actually decent, not for competitive, of course, as the sensor spins out and it doesn’t read fast movement but for desktop and casual games. It’S okay, alright people, so to wrap things up.

I’M impressed at how variable all these mice are in terms of their build quality in terms of the sensor performance and, like you know, some have actually fool out fledged style driver support, which I wasn’t expecting in this price point. So the thing is that I would definitely in or from this list a five six and eight eight, not because the wireless performance sucks, but because it requires a battery and the shape is not to my style. Six, because it’s the cheapest out of the bunch and it shows sensor performance, is really terrible and the body is just horrendous as well and number five. Not because I mean the body is a little bit uncomfortable, but the sensor performance is just not good because it just spins out everywhere, even though they say it’s an optical sensor now. The mice that I would consider passable are three four and seven seven, because it’s wireless and I’m really blown away this whole like silent switch operation.

So, if that’s a priority for you plus doesn’t need a battery, it has a built-in one that you can recharge via microUSB. That’S awesome number four! I really like the shape the balance of the body. The switches and the sense of performance overall is great, but it doesn’t have the greatest liftoff distance. So if you don’t lift your mouse, a lot check out number four number: three is the most expensive out of the bunch, so I was assuming that it would win and it has a really nice shape and really nice switches and really nice RGB lighting as well. But it is driverless, so you cannot customize the actual DPI, which are in 1000 increments, which for me, is totally not OK and so and also it has that really bad liftoff distance.

It’S not super bad, but for the price point I was expecting more and now moving on to the winners of this whole round up number 1 and 2. I don’t know why I was expecting them to win, but I kind of lucked out and the naming scheme. So number 1, the shape is fantastic. The performance of the sensor is good, the buttons are great, the scroll wheel is nice, and while you only have the three dpi levels, I think they are appropriate for, like even competitive gameplay being the lowest at 600 dpi, which, for me, I play around 400 to 800, so it’s kind of like a nice balance, but for number 2 I feel like it’s a little bit even more superior, because you have that full driver customization not only for the RGB support and that macro customization, but we also have those dpi increments in 100. Dpi changes, which is fantastic, so you can customize the dpi to exactly where you want it and, as you know, I feel like that’s kind of like the key selling point of this being also a really good sensor to that.